XF 1.5 ACP goes blank?


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This started today, I was editing the Online indicator in Styles Templates. At first, all the fonts were spread out as well on the Styles Properties page.


I stopped and closed all browsers, and cleared all caches and logged in again. After about 30 min, I noticed this again.

And now I see this too - the letter D has a space on its right. Am I in an episode of Sesame Street?

0eadde3dcc0dec6f07d0cc000abb3955.png 17ce29dd2f09cefdaa56b80ba60d6ace.png 11f6c0aad49d8dbd1a20a89b059c47f6.png

Any help appreciated... :)



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This looks like it might be a font rendering issue on your machine, perhaps indicating font corruption? It may actually indicate a video card issue, depending on how the browser is rendering things. Unfortunately, it's not really something on XenForo's end so it's not something we could do much about.


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I've cleared the browser history and the cache. As far as video card - it's possible, but I doubt it. Font rendering seems to be more like it. I'll double check in Firefox.