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Lack of interest ACP, Email users: which fields are required?


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As a first time user (it's about time after almost 4 years since XF was released o_O) of the Xenforo Admin Control Panel I noticed this:

- When you go to Users > Email Users and do not fill in Email Title and Email Body and the press [Continue...] XF will say:

Please complete all required fields.

... in a new screen.

So I went back trying to figure out what exactly were the required fields. I guess (just assuming, since I did not use the ACP yet much at all, see above) XF doesn't give the ACP admin feedback on validation of fields (like it happens to the enduser when they fill in profile fields who get validated immediately, like their Facebook accountname for example), since I guess (again) one expects of the admin that they know better what they are doing/what is needed then your average enduser of the forum.

So, maybe a red outline of the field or a red indicator in or outside those 2 fields indicating to us the specific required fields is too much of it for the ACP. An alternative could be to use the words 'Required fields' and put that in bold just above the blue divider line to the left of those 2 fields, as it does with 'User Criteria' just below it, then it also makes it clear (without having to specifically validate it) that this section -only- is required to fill in.

Yes, newbie-admin level ;).