XF 1.5 Accessing xenforo ACP/backend


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I bought a licence for xenforo to make a forum for my minecraft network and i shut it down a few months ago and when i did i closed the forums board in the back end, fast forward a few months to now and i cant remember the url to be able to access the acp to unlock the forums i had.

Is there a way to access it so i can log into it? i have my password and username ready to go. my url used to be forum.mclockup.com with a domain also leading to it called forum.mcsimplegaming.com but ive tried adding /admin.php to it and /admin and nothing is happening.

any help is appreciated
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That URL redirects to https://forum.mcsimplegaming.com/

You would need to contact your sysadmin or host to determine why there is a redirect in place, whether it is a valid redirect, and if so, correct the 502 error.

This is a server level issue and not something we can help you resolve.
ok ill send them a message and ask. I wasnt sure where to start or what the issue was so thank you :)
you can lock this if you want