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Just bought a license and really enjoying it so far. I'm looking to go live this weekend by importing the database from my current phpBB installation (already done one test import which went 100% as far as I can see). I've had a really good look through this forum the last few weeks but still have some questions...

My phpBB is currently installed in /forum and my XF installed in /community on the same hosting account. What I want to to is change XF over to the /forum folder.

I'm assuming that I rename the current forum folder, then I can change the XF over to this. Think I have found a thread on here which covers this change, and I'm hoping is straight forward!

The next thing is the htaccess redirects. I've not found a definitive thread which explains this specifically for phpBB - or one that I understand anyway ;) Can someone post a link they know a good one to follow.

Hope that all makes sense, and thanks in advance. I'm just a little nervous on changing over....

I could cry. Took a sypex backup after I finished tinkering last night @ 10:56pm. Final database backup for me to roll back to if needed.

Just tried a test import to, and get the Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '2' for key 'PRIMARY' error again.

At 10:40pm a spam account was created :eek:. Seriously, you've got to be joking me... Having to go back to a previous backup I made at 8:07PM and try and figure out what changes I made. Have most written down.

Clearly need to sort out the SPAM counter measures!
I had it turned off earlier. I turned it back on before making the backup, as it would be one less thing to remember if I rolled back.

Lesson learnt. Now switched off, and added to list of things to do post upgrade.
Big thanks to everyone for the guidance and support so far, feel much more comfortable with the process. I think I'm ready, which is just as well as we start the process for real at 11 tonight...
Just running my 3rd and final test run through right now.
16 days in and my forum is still going ;).

I noticed that I have carried over some user groups which aren't really any use now. I can't remember what the default groups were to start with, and can't seem to find a list. Can someone confirm that I am OK to delete the following which I think are phpBB core groups?
That should leave me with...
  • Administrative
  • Moderating
  • Registered
  • Unregistered / Unconfirmed
  • ChrisKnottIns (custom group I want to keep)
  • East Anglian Crew (custom group I want to keep)
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