XF 1.2 About registration Form Timer

I see that new Xenforo comes with this option in registration options. So the plugin is not necessary anymore? What happen if i have this option active and the plugin as well?


Chris D

XenForo developer
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The reg form timer add-on includes detailed logging for failed registration attempts amongst other options.

As well as integration with StopBotters, a highly effective API which can also prevent registrations based on other criteria.

My recommendation is to turn the default registration timer off (set it to 0) and allow the add-on to do the timer bit.

Eventually the add on will remove the custom timer and leave the default and have all the logging API stuff alongside the default timer.


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I just noticed that the XF timer actually shows on the registration form (counting down!)
Bad idea! I think this is most effective when the people don't know it exists....

Gonna disable and use another one.....