XF 1.5 Question about Registration Fields


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I want to create some new fields that are required for registration.
They don't show on profiles and members cannot edit their answers.
The answers are only relevant to staff approving their account.

The problem is that whether I put these questions under Preferences or Personal Details, current members are forced to answer them because the fields are required. Since the fields are new, no one has answered them.

That means a member of ten years would be forced to answer 'how did you hear about us?', etc when updating their preferences or profile.

Is there a way around it? Would setting those questions to display:none in the css work? Or is there a better way of handling it? It would be nice to have a category just for registration questions – is there an add-on for that?


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If the field is required then anyone updating their profile will have to complete it.

To change that would require custom development.
Resurrecting this thread. I'm interested in doing a "where did you hear about us" system. I can figure out how to capture the data via a custom field at registration. I also have a plan to deal with the legacy member issue. Once I create the field I'm hoping to bulk-update the database with "Legacy Member" or something similar for all existing members. They can still change it if they update their profile for all I care.

Any way, my question is more about the practicality of using the collected data. How can I view this data for the last 10 registrations? What would be the best way to report on this data? Do I need to write a query and hit the database or can I do this via the Admin CP? Thoughts?