Implemented Ability to Provide a Reason When Deleting Resources


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We don't have this, so this suggestion is based on my experiences here.

When deleting a resource, whether it's the actual author or a staff member, an automatic post is made with a very generic message. I think it would be nice if a reason could be provided, saving you the trouble of having to make another post with the reason. (Not that's it's that much of a problem in general, but still.)
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In RM 2.1, moderator deletions have the option to add a public reason which will be included in the message posted in the thread. (This can be distinguished from the general deletion reason which may include non-public information.) This doesn't currently apply to owner deletions, on the basis that if they want to make the reasoning clear, it's likely a one off where they can comment on the thread (whereas moderators may be taking more sweeping actions and we don't necessarily want to expose the moderator taking the direct action). This could be changed though.

Internally, there are also some options to control the user that the deletion message is posted as, though we don't expose this to the UI anywhere.
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