Lack of interest Ability to add new rebuild tasks to XF\Job\User

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The cron job XF\Job\User's rebuildById function does not allow for add-ons to add their own custom rebuild features, without overwriting the whole method.

This can be fixed extremely easily:
    protected function rebuildById($id)
        /** @var \XF\Entity\User $user */
        $user = $this->app->em()->find('XF:User', $id, ['Profile']);
        if (!$user)

        $db = $this->app->db();



        $user->save(true, false);



    protected function updateColumns(\XF\Entity\User $user)
        $user->alerts_unviewed = $this->app->finder('XF:UserAlert')
            ->where('alerted_user_id', $user->user_id)
            ->where('view_date', 0)

        $user->alerts_unread = $this->app->finder('XF:UserAlert')
            ->where('alerted_user_id', $user->user_id)
            ->where('read_date', 0)

        $user->conversations_unread = $this->app->finder('XF:ConversationUser')
            ->with('Master', true)
            ->with('Recipient', true)
            ->where('owner_user_id', $user->user_id)
            ->where('is_unread', 1)

    protected function performRebuildTasks(\XF\Entity\User $user)

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