Not planned Ability for Guests to Vote on Polls


Currently, despite several options in the user group permissions, it is not possible for unregistered Guests to vote on a poll. (

I understand that this is technically wanted be like this at the moment.

However for us it would be nice to have this mini feature enabled.

It would allow regular viewers of our community start interacting with the site... which later on could lead easier to sign the up as a member.

We are currently using a simple polls plugin on our (WordPress site) which allows both options ( to have registered WordPress users or non-registered users to vote). Its simple and works.

However, it would be awesome to have this feature enabled in xenforo, so we could have "quick get the reader engaged - polls" with guests on the forum too.

With its super powerful user permission management, it should be relatively easy to implement this.

Would be really great if this could be done.