A theme / forum work in progress


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Hi Lee!!! That's a pre-purchased theme yeah?

I am not too familiar with it to say how much customisation you have done, but it looks good so far!

Not sure I would have gone with a dark theme for that subject matter myself, but I see you have a light theme too, so everyone is covered I guess.



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I see that you've quoted me along with the OP... I saw it, but the site does look like it's been @Sheldon-ized.
I think Sheldon does a lot of really cool work, and Lee said he was looking for some of the things to be similar. I did put some personal touches on, though. ;) Especially proud of the logo.


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So, does anyone have ny promotional tip for a forum of this nature?

I have some good articles to post, they are going through editing / proof reading as I type this.



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Personally what I've seen that succeeds the most is sites that create their own content (information, analysis, tutorials, guides, etc.) and are running more than a year.


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Yeah, there is that. Like I said, in the coming weeks there will be plenty of content. I have lots of time, might as well get this right. :)