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Kindly, if you have no serious contributions to make, and with kindness, I would ask you to refrain from trolling
And I would ask the staff to prevent the thread from being invaded by people who have no interest in bringing content.
I'm not trolling, my friend, and if you look at my history of posts on this forum you will see such.

Rather, I am amused at the incorrect perceptions, and inaccuracy of your responses to folks' statements, about the demise of vBulletin. And then blaming XenForo for a lack of providing and enforcing protections against developers?

It is up to people to support, or not support, developers. People should make their own decisions as what they want to buy, or not buy. There are PLENTY of well-established and very ethical developers on the XF platform. I support many of them with my $$$, because they put out a good product that is helpful and worth of $$$. But beyond a reasonble level, it is NOT the purview nor responsibility of XenForo to act as the "Developer FBI" to investigate, police and prosecute developers (particularly unscrupulous ones).

Speaking of trolling, I almost think you posted this thread as an exercise in trolling. Did you?
I'm sorry but I don't think things are as you say.
If things had gone as you say, many communities would have passed from vBulletin 4 to XenForo 1 many years ago.
I with vBulletin 4 had a great time, I had it for seven years and it was perhaps the best product of the whole vBulletin series and in general of all the forums.
Instead emigration to XenForo is relatively recent and comes from the flop of vBulletin 5, which has disappointed everyone, starting from a historical vbulletinian like me.
This is not correct. As a vBulletin 4.2 user, I started looking at XenForo as early as 2013, when it was at version 1.2.

Here are my original messages to my users about the situation at the time, as I saw it (including the issues with vBulletin). As you can see, my perceptions even back then (as I was experiencing it) are VERY consistent with people's people's experiences expressed earlier in this thread.

August 24, 2012:

November 14, 2014:

Note that I migrated my forum from the free phpBB to vBulletin in early 2011, and already just 1.5 years after implementing vBulletin, was already looking to the future to move it off vBulletin. Nonetheless, I waited (and maintained a XenForo license, and did numerous test imports) between 2015 until my real migration in March, 2019.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I said how I feel about it, so I don't think we should go further than this, also because I'm busy and I don't have time for the "question and answer"
The staff now knows my opinion and at the same time I know my irrelevance, I am one of many.
I have proposed this debate and all of you have said your opinion, which I respect even if it diverges from mine.
As for me, the staff can also close and decide whether to accept this reflection or simply discard it.
Thank you all.
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