A question about events before I buy

leslie dow

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Hi All
I am very strongly leaning toward purchasing Xenforo for my writer's education website and social network.

One of our main functions is to run online (forum-based) classes and events. We provide these for a fee based on membership level. Our classes can be a single day or several months long. I am currently using PayPalPro for transaction processing so we accept both CC's and Paypal.

I need an events system that provides support for multiple registration fees (based on forum membership levels) and allows various display of those events on a calendar or list in a summary form or detailed. Also since we start between 5-10 new classes each week we want the calendar to not show the events that are running but only the events that registration is still open for. Essentially, we want two dates: one that is when registration is open (and is displayed on the calendar and list) and one the indicates how long the class runs for information only to the student.

I've been looking at the addons and it looks like Xenatendo does some of this but not all. I tried to post this question in the Xenatendo resource but since I have not bought yet, I cannot post there.

Is there another addon that would do this or am I missing part of what Xenatendo might do?


leslie dow

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Oh and one more thing, I'd like to be able to create event templates or be able to copy an existing event and use it to create new ones. With 10 new events each week, we do a lot of data entry.


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Try contacting the developer of that add-on directly.

We are unable to help regarding third party add-ons as we don't use them.

leslie dow

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Actually, I was just wondering if you had come across this as a request and if so what they had used. Or if you are not comfortable recommending if you could point me to a user with a similar problem that I could talk to.