Implemented  A non wysiwyg editor


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Once again, don't know if this has been suggested before.

But what I am mainly saying is that we (users) should have an option if we want to use a regular editor that shows the bbcode etc or if we want to use the wysiwyg editor.

Because personally, I like to use a regular editor over anything else because I would like to see the bbcode and not have the image display while still typing, I would rather the image still be a link wrapped in img tags so I can change it when wanted and not have it in the way while making/editing a post.


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You have the option to click on the A on the right and switch to an html editor. You'll see all of the code there.


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Alright well then it also doesn't save your preference if you click that button, maybe add a option to tick in your preferences so that it stays as the bbcode editor and put buttons on that editor lolz.


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Right, there should be a setting for that in the User CP.
At least I hope there is a setting for that in the Admin CP.