XF 2.1 A Member showing Mod forum Links


Hi guys , we have a member of our site who is quite clever with programming etc but is not a Mod and has no access to our private Mod forum. Yeterday he sent us a PM and said he could see we had dicussed him in the Mod Forum and posted a link to the actual thread. We have no idea how he would be able to do that or if it was just a link and he could not actually read the posts concerned. As you can imagine it is a little worrying for us so any ideas out there as to how he could of obtained the link etc?

Thanks in advance.


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A few things to list.

1. Analyze the user's permissions on that node. Sometimes mistakes can be made.
2. Make sure that any staff only nodes are not indexed out to google. He may have gotten the link from a search engine.
3. Another thought may be that there is a moderator that is friends with this member and notified him of this thread, even though he can't see it.


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Also be aware that if in the orivate thread you use the member mention feature (e.g., @jeb35) the member will get a notifcation of that mention even though he can't see the thread.


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Thank you. Good to know. I must have been thinking of the user mention addon for VB4. A lot of the forums I am associated with have converted over the past year or so.


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Be careful posting external links in mods threads - they leave the URL as the referrer at the link destination ... and since XF can have the thread title in the URL you can inadvertantly end up revealing it to the linked party/site.