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A forum for a PC Hardware Review site

I started off by being a contributor in couple of Indian based tech forums and then I was trolled out after few years of endless contribution just because I started a blog to dump my old articles and reviews for archiving them. The sad part was that in a way I started to get a lot of readers but I didn't have any medium to post, so I made my own. Lesson learnt!

I started my site in blogger, learned about website stuff like a n00b the hard way, lead one thing to another and I started self hosted Wordpress. Had few issues, taken a while to understand about 404 errors and what not. My site Hardware BBQ got a certain mileage, and I guess you could call it 'local rep'.

On 1.1.14, I started BBQ community based on xenforo: http://www.hardwarebbq.com/community

As a guy who doesn't know about codes and website building or whatever, I enjoyed and glad that I chose xenforo. My plans to start a forum was delayed for a year because I wasn't too clear if I could manage a self hosted Wordpress, let alone a forum. This is coming from a guy who was just a contributor for tech forums for a very long time. But things went bad when EIG took over Hostgator, I suffered over 80% earnings. I was lucky that someone wanted to have an advertisement contract with my site provided I start a forum, or else the site would have been down right about now. I shifted to knownhost (no thanks to HG as they didn't allow me to back up and move out, and also sent my details of MySQL backup info to someone else), then finally put together some amount (yeah, my situation went down THAT bad) and started a forum. I was given advice to go for xenforo came from a lot of people. I've tried the demo atlast 5-10 times. I really liked it, but I feel that forum owners and veterans should check out the brand new community board.

I would really appreciate if you guys can take some time off and let me know what do you think about my site, and also any advice for a n00b!!
We're only into PC Hardware, hence the word hardware and BBQ because we benchmark and stress test a particular component, which reaches to a certain performance limit and therefore a lot of heat would naturally dissipate. So...BBQ!

Yeah it doesn't really relate in the traditional sense, but a few sites don't have names that would necessarily associate with a PC Hardware site. As it is, many good names are taken away and I didn't want a domain with the word 'tech' so Hardware BBQ was perfect.

Hey! Fellow Domo avatar user! XD