A few specific pre-sales questions


I've got a 13 year old vB site running one of the "latest" 3.X versions. o_O

It's badly in need of updates and upgrades, but I'm struggling with re-upping with vB, given the product that's available there now.

The most important things to me in considering my upgrade are:

  • Easy migration from vB 3.X to XF
  • Easy ad integration (and how do ads adjust in a responsive environment)?
  • SEO-friendly URLs. But I see you have that one covered. ;)
  • A word-replace mod/hack that would allow me to insert links to glossary pages. For example, the word "hammer" in a user's post would be dynamically replaced with <url.com/hammer>"hammer"</url>.
  • Ability to post pictures from mobile devices.
  • This one is a bit out of your control, but... I'm getting too old to be creating my own theme and porting it to WP too, so I'm hoping someone could point me to some theme makers that have themes ready for both out-of-the-box? My competitive advantage is content, not my novice coding. So I want to focus on that.
If someone would be so kind as to address these points, I'd be grateful.

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Easy migration from vB 3.X to XF
The built in importer will do that.
See here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/pre-sales-faq.4951/

A word-replace mod/hack that would allow me to insert links to glossary pages.
It would require an add-on to automatically replace text with URLs.
The built in censor will only replace with plain text.

Ability to post pictures from mobile device
Images can be uploaded from any device.

Third party style authors can be found here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/third-party-services-offers.42/

Pre-built styles here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/categories/styles.29/
Do you have any examples of what happens to a style that has ads on it when it's on a mobile device? I hate to say it but I'm planning on making my upgraded site a bit rich with ads (ad blindness has taken me from $1400/mo in adsense in about 2010 to $1400/yr in 2015), and I want to make sure I don't lose all ad options for people viewing on small devices.

Thank you!
Is there a way to tease the content of specific forums by allowing a user to see an excerpt of threads but not the full thread without either registering or signing up for a subscription?
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