Add-on A few simple Mods required

Thom Tyler

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Hi guys,

I'm looking to have a few simple mods made for my site. Nothing too technical, in fact, they are pretty straight forward

1. Widget Framework Widget for XenRiO Streams

A widget for our sidebar using Widget Framework's Structure. @Jaxel has apparently made this easy to do now, we just don't know how. Need this to simply display our streams on the sidebar

2. Sponsors Add-on for ad_Header placement

Looking to have an add-on made to display our sponsors in our header. Should be slideable. Options for multiple Sponsors. Needs an option to disable or change appearence on Responsive / Mobile. An example would be.
Sponsor 1.

Please select or input the address of Sponsor #1's logo.

Please enter the URL which logo should point to

3. Adjust Widget for Staff Online and Members online now to be 1 widget, showing only the Avatars of staff in a grid, not list view to save sidebar space.

Pretty self explanatory. The guides exist for usual sidebar, but not for Widget framework.

@xfrocks @Chris D @ExtraLicense @Nobita.Kun