A few more migration issues: double posting / mods unable to ban

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I just moved servers and upgraded to PHP 7.3. Im running 1.5.24, which I know is unsupported but since this is related to a server move I figured posting it wouldn’t hurt.

Right now I’m encountering three prominent issues:

1. Double positing. This doesn’t happen 100% of the time but it is happening far to frequently. Someone will click post, and it won’t show that it went through, so they’ll press it again. Causing a lot of double posts.

2. Mods are reporting inability to ban users, saying there is a time out error.

3. Mods unable to create thread in new specific forum, but Can move threads there (I believe this one is related to an add-on).

1 and 2 are most critical.

Since these are core XF features it seems like a server configuration issue to be. I did some searching and I know that 7.3 released in May 2019 was the last version of PHP for my release, but I’m wondering if there are PHP modules or Apache configuration issues likely responsible for what I’m encountering. I couldn’t find anything regarding this.

I am considering downgrading to the version of PHP on my old server but I prefer not to as I’m setting the stage for my Upgrade to XF2.1 and the old version is long depreciated.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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