A few questions?


Alright guys i got a few questions I'm hope you guys can help me with.

I run (to me) i medium sized forum with about 600 users and 200 subscribers, now i'm already sold on a lot of what xenforo offers but there's a few things holding me back.

1. I would like to be able to leave forums visible to registered users and unregistered users/guests but without them being able to see whats inside those forums. On vb it would say private and when you clicked on it it would just say there are no new posts and you are unable to post in that section.

[Is this something that at a later day be something i could do? I have a good friend who runs a xenforo forum and me and him have similar boards and he is unable to do what I'm describing here.]

2. Since my forum has a subscription service i need to be able to assign my users to certain forums or section based on there subscription they bought. Now there is a way to do this as is, but when a user buys another sub onto of his/hers first it will move them into the new usergroup causing issues. Now on vb i had all my subs go into one master usergroup and then with the payment permissions i was able to assign what sub gave you access to what forums.

[ Again as mentioned above is this something that will eventually be added in?]

3. With the licensing system how exactly is this going to work? Is it like vb where when you buy it you get all updates for that board for free all the way up to the next newest forum where you have to buy it again to get those updates? Basically say i bought vb3 and then vb4 came out, would i have to pay again to get vb4 or is it a one time payment for all future releases of xenforo?

[I'm already a vb4 owner and have used vb in the past so I'm just trying to understand how xenforo is going to do things.]

Anyways thanks in advance guys looking forward to your reply's.



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Regarding point 1, that's currently not possible but I have suggested it.

Account Upgrades already exist and are cumulative so you can already do point 2.
A user can be a member of any number of user groups and their total permissions set will be made up of the permissions of each group.

The license is a lifetime license. All you need to do is purchase the 12 month support which currently costs $40 per year.
Assuming you want support and updates that is.


Thanks for the fast response. Thanks for clearing up how the license system works over here, already cheaper then vb.

As for point #2 I'm not sure if you fully understand what I'm talking about.

Right now a user can buy a sub and will be added to a usergroup and that usergroup will have access to certain forums. Now that does work but when you start having to make usergroups for each up that starts to clutter things up really quick. At one time i had done that on vb where we had 5 usergroups for each sub and things got conflicting. It took me three days to manually remove everyone and re-add there subs. With vb when i add a new sub i name it, write its description, select the primary usergroup to put users in, then scroll down and check the little box next to what forum they get access to.

The usergroup is setup as a main, it gets access to all the forums like a normal registered user and then for the vip area the main category is basically the default for all the following forums in that section. From there i would give that group access to the main open vip forums such as general offtopic etx but then for the vip sections they would not be able to view them. They would just see the section but not see whats inside them, As i stated in point #1. Then the users would get access to those forums from the subscription settings.

To make a long story short, will there in the coming future of xenforo an option to set the user primary usergroup and assign what forums they get access to?


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You can also do that now with regards to usergroups.

Members don't have to belong to the registered users group, they can belong to whichever group(s) you wish, either as primary or secondary(s).

I'm not familiar with vB but I already have account upgrades set up on my XenForo forum and I would be able to use cumulative permissions from multiple groups or have 1 group allowing all permissions.

You will however have to set up the node permissions for each group to allow/disallow access as required.

Unless I have still misunderstood you?


I understand what your saying but i'm trying to say with the vb way i have have only one usergroup and then each sub handles what part of the forums that group can view. I know for right now if needed i could setup the 4 usergroups i would need for my 8 subs.

Here are a couple of pics (sorry about the size) of how my forums are setup right now.
This image here is from my test account, i gave it vip to one of the many subs we offer and this is what the vips would see. The main access forums the group allows them to see. As i have said the general, off topic and support are all forums the main usergroup has access to see and post in, but the ones marked private are handled threw the subscription setup area in the next pic.

So in this pic is from one of my current subs, on the left is the basics and on the right is the group they are assigned to, now further down you see all the forums. Now with them set to default is what the usergroup handles, if the group gives them access to that forum that would be default. But the part where i have it checked to yes means it gives them access to that forum which the group it self is set not to.

Hope this clears things up a little bit.


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Maybe someone who is familiar with vB can provide some input then as I really know nothing about that software.

I do though think you can still achieve the same overall result, probably just in a slightly different way.


Well i thank you for your support Brogan, i remember when i first purchased vb4 asking for some really simple stuff on vb's forums and to this day i still haven't gotten a reply to it, its really nice to see a active community let alone staff offering help.


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I need the same thing with Subscriptions:

With VB you can assign the member to a primary group upon subscription activation, and secondary groups. This is much Needed.
As We want all members to be part of Primary Group "VIP" while the 2ndary groups can be whatever the actual sub names are.

as it is right now, you can't change the users primary group upon new subscription (user upgrade) without a zen modification.


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There's no difference between someone's primary and secondary groups, so there's nothing that you can't achieve by modifying someone's secondary group. You can change access/premissions as well as override their user title and extra user name markup via secondary/additional groups.

KozmoK, in your case, you can specify all of your user upgrades to move people into the VIP group and the specific group. Doing this via secondary groups is far more accurate, as it allows the system to maintain a "stack". Meaning that if 1 of 2 upgrades expire, they'll still be in the VIP group (until the second one expires).


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As Mike says, stack your secondary groups and you can achieve the effect you want with subscriptions. That's what I do...

Teddy Scott

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I know for right now if needed i could setup the 4 usergroups i would need for my 8 subs.
I know what you are referring to. I have done this since my phpbb days and even in VB some.
I have found it easier instead of making 8 subgroups for paid subscriptions, just make 8 Primarys for subscriptions instead. Or make 4 Primarys and ONE sub under each primary and no more.
Whole lot less complicated. And make paid subscriptions based off your 8 primarys.
It's tidier that way too. The more subs you add to a primary like you said that is when it gets complicated and hard to manage.