XF 1.4 A few questions

Firstly, my terms and rules page has a re-direct loop? This is probably something really simple, but how do I fix it?

Secondly, is it possible to allow users to see their warning points? It's just come to light that none of our users have a clue how many warning points they have. We just assumed they could see it (as was the case when we were on myBB). Is it also possible to put this in the user details section of messages for mods to see without having to click?

Thirdly, activation emails aren't reaching certain email providers (namely Hotmail). I don't think there's anything I can do about that though? I've just disabled email confirmation for now.

Finally, is there a guide somewhere on here to XF syntax? HTML doesn't seem to work properly in my custom pages, ordered lists don't want to work.

Mind you, HTML should work on pages.
I'm probably just doing something wrong. As far as I'm aware though <ul> <li>items</li> </ul> would give me an unordered list, which is what I'm trying now.

Also, I fixed the redirect loop. This was caused by the setting in basic board information being set to a custom URL which was the same as the default URL.


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You could try editing the member_view template and using a xen:if.

I haven't check the code or template though so couldn't confirm whether that will work.


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The specific warning points value is not displayed by default; the base focus is more on the PM that it sends than the specific numbers (which may be meaningless unless you give an additional page to explain what they mean).

You could display it through template edits I believe.