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XF 1.2 A few questions

I got my license and within the next couple of days i will instal my XF (migrating from phpbb)

If there is no problem please let me use this thread to post my inquiries :)

1) Is there an add on to make the embedded image which is in a standard size( i.e. 640x480) to be resized when click on it?
Please check the first image

2) In phpbb there is an add on

3) I'm also looking for Browser Language Detection (enables the browser language detection for guest users not to use the default language of the board)

4) Add on for mobile optimization (browsing XF from mobile devices)

5) Guests and members for the Past 24 hours on index. Is it supported in 1.2 or i have to use this one

6) Hide Bots & Spiders

7) Aligning the pictures to the upper left/right side? (Please see here )

Thanks in advance for the support once again

I will strike back(y)


XenForo moderator
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1. All embedded images fit the container and zoom to full size when clicked. You can restrict the size using EXTRA.css if you wish:
.bbCodeImage {
max-width: 640px;
max-height: 480px;
2. ?

3. Requires an add-on.

4. Answered above.

5. Requires an add-on.

6. Requires an add-on.

7. Requires custom BB Code add-on. I use this one: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/custom-bb-code-manager.173/
Noob here :(
What is RM?

Topic mods is it possible to display? I will be able to set this via ACP?

I saw on your site an ad!
Is it possible to disable this from happening??:confused:

2013-07-14 21_52_28-Clip The Apex.jpg


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The 50 character limit will need to be increased in the template, possibly datawriter (php file) and database.
It's potentially not a simple change.

The spectacles icon is 1.2 only - make sure you are running that and have updated the sprite image if so.
Just started to customize my XF forum and I have another question.. How can I make wider the forum area? Maybe my description is not accurate so please check the picture below:

2013-07-18 20_58_19-my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg