A few general questions before sale ...

Hi. I'm considering purchasing XF.
  1. Is it possible to create threads in XF using a script that has nothing to do with XF? I'm creating a shopping-price comparison script that queries an API, and I would like the "reviews" section of the script to pull information from the XF database.
    1. (I haven't worked through all the details of coding yet. I send off a query to an API, and I get back a structured php array as a result, and in that array, I have the product name, description, price, brand, merchant, and product id. The product id is a unique numerical code for each product. I was thinking of somehow associating the product id with a particular thread id, but have no clue how yet. -- This is where a "recommended" thread modification would be useful to prevent duplicate threads reviewing the same product id.)
  2. Is it possible to pull information from the XF database and display it on an HTML landing page? Information such as newest member, member with the highest reputation, member with the most "likes," the most popular topic, the newest topic, etc.?
  3. Can anyone recommend any template designers for XF? I'm having some custom .PSDs done for me at the moment, and I would like the XF forum to blend in with the rest of the site design.
Thanks. I'm sure I'll have more questions a little later on. :)

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Yes that is possible. All of that information is stored in the MySQL database. You just need to write code to connect to the database and fetch that information.

You need a programmer for this. There are several people on this forum who can write this for you but it is likely to be a paid job. Paid requests can be posted in this forum once you have licensed access.
Another quick question: I see that it's possible to log in to the forum through a facebook account. Can we make this (via facebook, or via google account) the only method of logging into the forum / registering for an account on the forum?