A "BroganBot" add-on


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+1 on both Brogan and Jake Bunce - fast, on target support.
I so love Jake's creative design work and his code snippets to tweak functions are very reliable.
Brogan can be a bit godlike but then I suppose he is and his constant flowing of help must make repetitive basic enquiries quite tiresome. We'd forgive our giant taking a break but I don't think he'd forgive himself!
Also found Fuhrmann very helpful indeed - very kind and patient plus excellent at picking up on needs for add-ons.
Floris of Xenfans is very good too and he is great at providing those essential missing bits.
Jaxel's add-ons are very good but I think he's a bit overloaded re support, needs a helper.

There are others but these are the big ones Ive encountered the most.


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I have to say that his speed and technical knowledge of XenForo is what sold me on transfering my community from vBulletin to XenForo!

Now if there was a BroganBot plug-in, that would certainly be a valuable commercial product! :)
Indeed, the community and the support around here is among the best I have seen to date :)