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[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal)

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I have a question about the Countdown Timer. Works perfect, but been trying to figure out for the last days how I can have 2 of these on the portal if that's possible?

I use the one that is added with the portal and added another countdown timer add-on as well but when I change one the other is changed too :/

Any help would be very appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!
Categories for XenPorta. Cool.
A few initial impressions ..

I think the slider is a "Home page thing". When I want specific information ... ie. when i click on a category tag ... I don't want the top spot occupied by the slider.
ie. http://8wayrun.com/portal/category/hate-speech/

A categories cloud on the Home Page would be a good idea
otherwise I have to click on a random article on the page to get to articles / threads on the topic I want.

It's very cool to see categories in Xenforo .. ie in this thread.
How about rolling them out for any threads in any forum :)

Should the categories have a popup quick navigation menu to move to other categories ?
or clicking on the word categories takes you to a page dedicated to a categories cloud ?

Should you use Jake's Tab addon and display all articles in a News Tab ? or Articles Tab ? (as opposed to under the forums Tab ?) Might make it helpful for people to see that XenPorta can be used for Articles :).

What about exposing categories to what's new ?
View attachment 23285

Is there any other information as to how the category system works? Is this simply "tags"? Or is it more than that? Looks very interesting and could be the basis for a proper CMS.
Categories can have custom layouts...

PORTAL-HATE-SPEECH (for portal category "hate-speech")
-> PORTAL-CATEGORIES (fallback for all categories)
-> PORTAL (default layout if no layouts exist)

This looks great, wow you are a very talented coder and have pretty much made Xenforo into a functioning CMS. It would be helpful to be able to have a category header at the top (above the article snipets) and be able to have a category description. That way people will know they are viewing category archives. When you first click on the click it isn't readily apparent what exactly you are viewing. Or even something as simple as a header that says; "Category Archives: Hate Speech". I found this example (Wordpress) below. The red box is a category description and could be above or below the title header.

It would be great if there is a possibility to promote every post, not only the first of a thread.
i have split large articles to different posts (part1, 2 and so on) but im not able to promote the second post (part2)
Been getting this.. 6 install attempts, no different than any other attempt I've made in the past that has worked.

Server Error
Invalid model 'EWRporta_Model_Options' specified
XenForo_Model::create() in XenForo/Model.php at line 113
XenForo_Model->getModelFromCache() in EWRporta/Model/Blocks.php at line 225
EWRporta_Model_Blocks->installBlockXml() in EWRporta/Model/Blocks.php at line 178
EWRporta_Model_Blocks->installBlockXmlFromFile() in EWRporta/Install.php at line 59
call_user_func() in XenForo/Model/AddOn.php at line 214
XenForo_Model_AddOn->installAddOnXml() in XenForo/Model/AddOn.php at line 169
XenForo_Model_AddOn->installAddOnXmlFromFile() in XenForo/ControllerAdmin/AddOn.php at line 178
XenForo_ControllerAdmin_AddOn->actionInstall() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 310
XenForo_FrontController->dispatch() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 132
XenForo_FrontController->run() in /var/www/titankingdoms.com/admin.php at line 13

I can't make heads or tails of what the actual problem is. All the files are present and accounted for. library/EWRporta/Model/Options.php is present.


Oh, additionally: It creates all the EWRporta_* tables in the DB, but seems to stop dead there.
When we move a (recent) thread and leave a redirect, both appear in the recentthreads module. I think redirects should not appear in there. Is there a way to hide them?



if (!empty($conditions['forum_ids']))
            $whereConditions .= ' AND thread.node_id IN ('.$this->_getDb()->quote($conditions['forum_ids']).')';

Add after:
$whereConditions .= 'AND discussion_type != "redirect"';
I dont see the issue... I include the jQuery UI Tabs source in XenPorta, because XenForo doesn't have it's own jQuery UI Tabs. jQuery UI Tabs is essential for this mod. It's how the RecentSlider block work.

XenForo does have the Tabs. XenForo Tabs is just a wrapper around it, you can check the full JavaScript file.
Hello. I´ve just installed the newest Version, done all as esplained in the first post (deleted everything)
Some Questions to it

  1. I have been asked that quit earlier but can´t find the Post anymore. How can i turn of the smaller Icons from the Slider?
  2. I´ve added my FB ID into the FB Block but its not showing anything (Firefox beta 10). I just have now the Profile Pic into the Like Button
  3. Also the FB Block runs into the 8wayrun Infos. The FB Block just fits if i add the Twitter block
Version 1.5.1
WP 3.3 Multisite enabled
XF 1.1.1
XenScript bridge
WP in root
XF in /community

I've looked through all 193 pages now .. and feel that the questions I have were asked but no one answered or the solutions do not work. So, please excuse this post if you feel it is repetitive - I assure you I've worked on this for the past 5 hours and cannot find a solution. :eek:

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Problem Number 1
The Recent News block disappears, except the page numbers. News stories show after page 1 ... Now, there are posts saying to clear cache. I've unticked, saved, left things for awhile ... and reticked the checkbox ... nothing. The first page of recent news fails to load. I've removed the block and added it back in .. still no joy. I've even tried different browsers, as well as logged in versus not logged in ... Now, these stories will show on /community/portal if I move blocks around and put things back.

Update: Disabled the Facebook block and now the recent news show in the /community/portal but not the index.

Problem Number 2
I see no way to promote a thread or post to the portal. Since this was asked a few times earlier then I was hopeful someone might answer. Sadly, I saw no answer. Maybe this is obvious and I just don't see it.

Thank you SchmitzIT for explaining to set permissions here. Sadly, nothing changes for an option while viewing the forum or thread.

Post New Thread is changed to Promote Thread. I must have looked at that a dozen times!

Problem Number 3
This portal would be nice to have installed so that index loads domain.com/ rather than domain.com/community. The XF is installed in /community and WP is installed in /. Please do not ask me to move /community installation to root because that interferes with WP and this is a multisite enabled installation.

I am really impressed with this plugin and feel it's worth the time and effort to get things working. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart - thank you for helping.
One more problem or maybe just a missunderstanding with the permissions.

Only if i uncheck "Lock Block in Position to Prevent Customization" in each block i use and set "Can Customize Portal" to allow in the User Group Permissions people can see the Portal Blocks...
XenForo does have the Tabs. XenForo Tabs is just a wrapper around it, you can check the full JavaScript file.
I still don't see what the issue is though... everything runs fine for me. If I remove the jqUI tabs from my js file, the RecentSlider block stops working.
I still don't see what the issue is though... everything runs fine for me. If I remove the jqUI tabs from my js file, the RecentSlider block stops working.
I noticed that too. But I'm sure XenForo has Tabs here


Line 1345

a.fn.tabs = function(c, b) { var d = this.data("tabs"); d && (d.destroy(), this.removeData("tabs")); a.isFunction(b) && (b = { onBeforeClick: b }); b = a.extend({}, a.tools.tabs.conf, b); this.each(function() { d = new q(a(this), c, b); a(this).data("tabs", d) }); return b.api ? d : this }
In a three column layout, is it possible to control the width of the left and right columns independently?

Currently wondering the samething.

I am also wondering if its possible to make it so the btm-left and btm-right are not included in Article View, if this could be done with template edits, or anything else please let me know, its quite important :) Thanks.
Yes this is possible. I have many different news modules running on my site. You have to open the xml and change theses settings adding the #1 after recentnews:
  1. RecentNews1
  2. recentnews1_forum
  3. recentnews1_limit
  4. recentnews1_truncate
  5. recentnews1_social
  6. recentnews1_pagenav
  7. recentnews1_leftdate
  8. EWRblock_RecentNews1
  9. EWRblock_RecentNews1.css
  10. $RecentNews1
  11. EWRblock_RecentNews1.css"
  12. After making changes to the xml save RecentNews1.xml but don't upload yet.
  13. If you want more then one news module change the 1 to a 2 and so forth for each module.
Now you have to open /library/EWRPorta/Block/RecentNews.php / Make a copy and then rename RecentNews.php to RecentNews1.php. Open RecentNews1.php and change class EWRporta_Block_RecentNews extends XenForo_Model to class EWRporta_Block_RecentNews1 extends XenForo_Model. Save and Exit. Make sure you have the RecentNews1.php uploaded to /library/EWRporta/Block. After making sure this is uploaded you can upload your xml into the blocks section of the admin area. Hope this helps.

Thank you for this. I have added it to the XenPorta User Guide as well, since this seems to be a very common query. :)
I want to duplicate the RecentNews block (i want to have one visible to guests and one to reg users), i got the block xml and renamed all "RecentNews" variables in "RecentNews2" and all the "$news" in "$news2". Admin side all works, but this custom block only display an empty box no matter what options i set on admin panel. What am i doing wrong?

EDIT: lol the one over me just replied to my question, tnx :)
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