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I apologize in advance if i posted this in an incorrect position. My issue is that i wish to make XenPortas @contentBackground Transparent but not the entire forums @contentBackground Transparent. Only XenPorta's so that my home pages' contentBackground is transparent. If anyone knows how to make this possible please let me know!

Thanks for reading :)
Has any0ne managed to get the twitter block working?

Used to work, then all of a sudden it died!
I am running XenPorta 1.4.4 and in the file RecentThreads.xml there is a phrase hardwired in the file: Recently Active Threads

I have made a small change in my installation to add the phrase in the language db, but I think this fix should be added to the main line.
Feature request: (for 1.1 version or after)

Any chance of either modifying the slider module or making a seperate module that will create a slideshow of promoted articles (or all articles from the news forum spefified) or ever better from a list of news items you could define as 'featured' then displaying them using the notice javascript and making a content slideshow like how Kiers 'have you seen' video about notices ends?
Does anyone know how I can include first-post likes in the RecentNews portal instead of the number of views?

Any help would be much appreciated.
[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) v1.5.0 CHANGELOG

This is a COMPLETE OVERHAUL of XenPorta... because of this, all previous versions of XenPorta MUST be uninstalled before installing this new version. As well, don't forget to remove the appropriate files from the /js and /library folders before uploading the new files. IN ADDITION, check your database and make sure all EWRporta tables have been dropped.

The entire administration of XenPorta has been moved out of the public controller and into the admin controller. The new sections for modifying your XenPorta settings can be found in your adminCP for any administrators with the "option" and "node" permissions. If you are running your forums in debug mode, you may also edit blocks and their options directly if you have the "addOn" permission... as well as create new blocks as needed.

Template locations for all blocks have changed. In the past, it would have been at "EWRporta_Blocks_RecentNews" (for the RecentNews block). Now its at "EWRblock_RecentNews"; you can have multiple templates for each block. Any templates, admin_templates, listeners or phrases (yes, blocks can now be phrased!) that begins with "EWRblock_RecentNews" will be linked to that block and tied directly to it; it will be exported/imported, installed/uninstalled with that block.
  • Block: Amazon - block has been added. Here you can input Amazon product IDs with your Amazon affiliate tracking ID and hopefully make some extra revenue for your website.
  • Block: Donations - block has been added. I was originally planning on making this a $10 premium block; but I've decided to leave it for free as an example of what you could do with this new block system in XenPorta. If you still want to donate though, I would appreciate it!
  • Block: EventsStream - block has been added. You can enter the ID of your XenAtendo event, and when it goes live, the stream embed will be placed in this block. Only ONE event stream will be shown at a time, following an top down hierarchy. For instance, if you list TWO events, and the second event is a 24/7 stream, it will be shown automatically when the first event is not live.
  • Block: OnlineUsers - option has been added to disable "staff online now".
  • Block: RecentNews - promotion system has been completely changed. Now when you promote a thread, you can specifically select what type of preview icon you wish for it to have. The "date" block will no longer be shifted around automatically... it is instead an option for this block.
  • Block: RecentSlider - option has been added to slide down news excerpts.
There are several new options in the XenPorta AdminCP for Globalizing Layouts and Custom Layouts... I will not explain these features here, as they are explained in the AdminCP.

You will need to add these template edits manually if you plan on Globalizing Thread and Forum Layouts respectively... as these hooks do not yet exist in XenForo and I'm having trouble convincing Kier to add them.

At the absolute bottom of "thread_view"
<xen:hook name="thread_view_share_after" params="{xen:array 'thread={$thread}'}" />
At the absolute bottom of "forum_view"
<xen:hook name="forum_view_pagenav_after" params="{xen:array 'forum={$forum}'}" />
Glad to finally see a release! Thank you Jaxel.

P.S. Would be handy to include a readme file in future releases with all relevant install information (especially regarding the template modifications), otherwise we have to search the forums manually to your posts to get install info.
Just to be clear, I go into my phpMyAdmin and delete all database with EWRporta? Check All and Delete?
Drop the tables, not the rows... and UNINSTALL XenPorta first, before you do this.

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