XF 1.1 .4: Javascript issue with inline edition


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After updating to 1.1.4, clearing cache of my server and web browser, here the following issue : on the thread list, when I'm trying to inline-edit the thread using the edit link ;

I get this error :
A controller for the route path javascript: was not found.

In the console, I see :

POST http://mysite.net/javascript: 404 (Not Found)

Any idead ?


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Well, yes, some .js files, but I believe it's because if the Tiny Fix/Tiny Enhancement Add-ons and I remember there were still these warning in 1.1.3 and all were working fine.


Nothing about jquery-1.5.2.min.js.
Any advises are welcomed. :)


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Can you confirm on a default style? If so, submit a ticket with user login details so I can check this and I'll look into it.


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Forum is already on the default style but with some minor cosmetic changes (like width, etc.). Guess will do a ticket. Hope it's not a dumb error from me.


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Solved. It would seem for some reason discussion_list.js was from 1.1.3, even though I've well uploaded/overwritten all files. Not sure what happened, but now I've reuploaded the .js from 1.1.4, it works fine.

Thanks again Mike.