3 Image Fluid Header Logo

I have used a 3 image fluid header logo on my forums in the past on vBulletin and IPB.

It includes a left image, a right image, and a 1 pixel wide filler between them.


How would I recreate this on XenForo? What would the code be and where would I put it?

I could only find threads on 2 images or 4 images using the search here.


Formerly Wuebit
That code gave me a red and a green box both on the very left side. I have been trying to get it working using that as my starting point, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Any other suggestions
Try changing the red or green text :D in the code :whistle:
I finally figured out that I can easily change the left logo and background image without messing around in the templates and css.

Appearance > Style Properties > Header and Navigation.

Working on getting the right piece of the header logo to float on the right now.