2014 – A busy year of XenForo

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2014 has gone already and some changes have been done in this year. Wanna look back with us? Here’s some facts about XenForo in 2014, and we hope you will be excited with them!

2014 is a very important year with XenForo when a lot of XenForo versions had been released during this time, witnessed a huge change on all XenForo interfaces.

On 28th January, the first version Beta of XenForo 1.3.0 had been released including in a number of new features, such as custom BB codes, multi-quote, and Google+/Twitter login.

It has taken for about 2 months to complete Beta 1, until Mar. 11, the official XenForo 1.3.0 had been published. During that time, XenForo Beta 2,3,4 had been released on Feb. 5, Feb 12 and Feb. 18 respectively. At the same time, XenForo Enhanced Search 1.0.3 and XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.2 had been released, too.

Until 9th September, XenForo Team had developed successfully XenForo 1.4.0 with a lot of improvements. New features had been added and certain bugs had been fixed. Alongside with that, XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.4 and XenForo Enhanced Search 1.1.1 released were compatible with XenForo 1.4.0. Additionally, XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.4 included several changes to integrate some of 1.4's new features such as XML sitemap generation.

And on 18 November, XenForo 1.4.3 had been released, this is the last updated version of XenForo team.
2014 is a big year with not only all of users, but also with some special developers. On 12th November, the Xen Media Gallery was becoming officially XenForo Media Gallery and Chris D was joining the XenForo Team alongside with other developers in this talent team. The newly-named XenForo Media Gallery will have sat alongside the XenForo Resource Manager and the XenForo Enhanced Search add-ons and will have been maintained, updated and supported by the XenForo team. Soon thereafter, the first updated version of the XenForo Media Gallery (version 1.0.1) has been released on 2nd December 2014.

The non-stoppable development of XenForo during 2014 has created stimulation for some brands to join the XenForo family. MacRumors is a typical pattern for that. As mentioned in the newest notice on 26 November, they will transfer from VBulletin to XenForo in the future.

A very busy year of XenForo, huh? So, to end this full-of-movement year, ******* will send to all our customers a New Year Style as a gift for the next coming year. With the flat design style and the deep understanding users, we hope that this style will blow a new breath of fresh air into your business in the next year. Please check our website (*******.com) to get more updates and other free gifts.


Good luck and Happy New Year!
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