2 Enhanced Search Questions


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Hey team.

2 questions for you..

How much faster can I expect enhanced search to be? Default search already seems really fast. Any benchmarks would be nice, too.

Is it only for using the search bar (/search)? Or is "New Posts" (find-new/posts) optimized by this too? I guess that's a search.

Thank you.

Chris D

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The default search can really slow down if MySQL is poorly optimised or when it has a lot of content in its index. Arguably, if it's running fine how it is, you probably don't need it.

I'm not aware of any benchmarks.

However by way of example, if you go to this page:

And search for something common like "counter-strike" then you will likely see that the search doesn't even run. (We really need Enhanced Search there, to be honest...!).

As for where it is used, yes, everything that involves a search will make use of Enhanced Search. Actually "Find New" stuff being a search is a bit of a misnomer. For caching purposes it caches the results in the xf_search table, but it doesn't actually retrieve any data from the search index.


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Interesting, "Find New" is often the slowest thing to load.
I guess I'll hold off for now until it's absolutely necessary. Thanks for the info.