Add-on [$15] Organize Aphabetically


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A important thing that I'm missing is a way to organize things ( thread prefixes specially and nodes) alphabetically.

Why? Well.. Considering that I have 50 thread prefixes that I already did it: Organized one by one on its creation and the I need to add a new prefix with letter C.. I will need to modify every other prefixes order to make the new prefix on the right position.

The same happens to forum nodes ( not too much and its not my need atm, but since implemented, could be used for it too)

Where it could be implemented? The developer could add a option on the "Prefix Group" edit settings like: "Rearrange Prefixes alphabetically" and then, once checked, the addon would check all the prefixes from that group and set the right numbers for them.

I know that 15 bucks aren't enough for this development but I'm giving it as an initial incentive .. since we have so many awesome free addons over here.