[100$ for solution] SQL Query


I need help. I need a .php file which is asking for a costum user field and a user group.
Like ........\check.php?Account=4711

4711 must be filled in the custom user field ID 123456 AND be part of user group X.

The output is a echo with OK or WRONG.

I would be so happy if anybody could help me. I will pay your time (more than 100 if you want).

If you need I can give you access to phpmyadmin and xenforo testarea.

Maybe this could help you (post 2):

Im glad to hear from you.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Try this. Upload it to the root of your XF installation.

No charge, only took me 10 minutes. And only took that long because I coded it while eating my dinner.

Might be better to let people offer you a price in the future ;)

You can change the expected field ID and user group ID at the top of the check.php file:
const USER_FIELD_ID = 'facebook';
const USER_GROUP_ID = 3;