10 Best Forums For Sale vs Best Forums For Sale


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I see a lot of articles being written like this... "10 Best Forums For Sale"

Is it better for seo and page ranking than just "Best Forums For Sale" because I know people don't search the '10' when looking for best forums, but I see a lot of the high page ranked sites using numbers in their titles as mentioned above.

What is everyone's opinion?


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Articles listing "ten best" will get a lot more readers....that's a fact.

Still, the content should be good.....good content and more readers = better SEO.


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It could be 7, it could be 8, it could be 12....

Point is that lists like that get attention...it's a simple concept for people to understand.

The most read (and profitable in links) article on my hobby site:

I don't use the technique often - that's the only article like that I have right now. But it works.
Thank you for that. I saw your website and was surprised to see how many page views you get a month. Nice work!