1.4.2 bug with profile message


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Hello, on my forum I have an error when my profile message is > to 140 character :

Have you a fix or it's possible to remove this limitation from the admin panel please ?


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Please disable add-ons and try again, the DataWriter should prevent this error and provide a nicer message within the front end.

You will also want to try on a default style to rule out style issues.


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You're likely running into an incompatibility with your opcode cache, effectively not running code as it was run. You can try restarting your web server. If that doesn't help, you may need to disable any optimization options enabled in your opcode cache or any debugging-related PHP extensions.


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No debug mod, and it's the default style (only custom color and sidebar template).
I just noticed the white page only happens when I edit the profile message on a other member.