Fixed 1.3: Google login does not work from overlay


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Google login link does not work from login overlay, the one that uses helper_login_form.html

How to test it:
1. Fill in Google auth settings to enable Google login.
2. Change login button to trigger overlay instead of dropdown form. Follow this tutorial or simply add class OverlayTrigger to login button.
3. Try to log in with Google.


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Maybe because of this? CSRF token
There is now a CSRF token generated attached to sessions so it can be used for guests. It's (only) used for Google+ logins (as per their integration documentation). If you're caching pages, the CSRF token wouldn't be correct for each user.

It won't be page specific; it will potentially happen whenever a cached page is served.


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No, JavaScript is missing. Link itself is a <span> element that cannot be clicked, XenForo is supposed to attach onclick event to it, but it doesn't attach one for overlay.


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This is fixed now. We don't directly add a click handler -- it's actually the Google API that does, though we need to identify what needs it and load it if necessary. We needed to add that handling to the standard XenForo JS "activation" system.