Not planned [1.2] User Banner Text Optional


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Suggestion: The option to not be force to enter a title in the User Banner Text field. I personally use imagery for ribbons and prefer to style text in a graphic editor and style it to my choosing since that styling will display in all browsers (even older ones) where all styling for text isn't supported by all browsers. it then becomes easier to embedded (through a gfx editor) to use your own preferred custom font.

So the suggestion is to have the option to leave Banner title field left blank and still have the banner image showing.

Example: tennis_ribbon_rank.png

It's just easier to manage and style it through an editor so basically asking for the option. Thanks.
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Generally, you should just use one of the various text replacement CSS techniques. I'd say that replacing the banner with an image is a very advanced method (especially as strictly speaking, you need 2 banner images, one with the wrapping and one without) where you have to write CSS anyway, so I think that's reasonable.