XF 1.3 1.2 Database Structure => 1.3 Install

Hi, so this morning my forum was compromised through a 0day in phpmyadmin. I managed to catch them doing it around 10 minutes after they gained access.

They managed to clear bash logs before I had a chance to look at them, so I can't really tell what they have done. I wanted a fresh install and realized 1.3 came out yesterday. So I have installed it, but now I need to import my old database.sql.

Will I be ok just merging the database, or will this cause issues?

Thanks in advanced!


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You can't merge a database from a previous version into a later install.
Changes are made to the database when the software is upgraded so it would just break everything.

As mentioned above, you can use the importer if you need to.
Or you could reinstall the same version, then import the database, then upgrade.