XF 1.2 1.2.4 mass email issue


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When trying to mass email my entire userbase, the "Message count between" seems to be preventing me from accessing our entire userbase. If i leave it with the -1 which is supposed to be unlimited maximum msg count, i only am able to access 149 members out of 15,000 or so. Yet if i increase this amount to "99999" i am able to access 11,000+ members.



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There's no difference between the code here and searching for users. If you leave the default settings, can you search for users? This isn't something I can reproduce and I don't see why it would trigger unless there is an add-on or some other input manipulation happening.

Also confirm the option regarding only contacting users opting to receive emails.


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its not doing it anymore after i got it to finally send the mass email, go figure, i spent 20 minutes manipulating settings trying to get the entire list to come up and it wouldnt do it until i finally changed that one option lol