1. Nobitakung

    XF 1.5 How to get Xenforo generate sitemap more often?

    I checked the log, the interval is every 2 days, is this the time the sitemap be re-generate and submit to search engines? Is it possible to adjust it to every 6 or 12 hours? Thanks.
  2. Alpha1

    Add-on Is there an addon/solution for a HTML sitemap?

    I see that Google actively uses the html sitemap for my vbulletin big board. I do not want to loose my ranking when migrating to XF. Is there a replacement for this HTML sitemap? For the sake of clarity: I am not referring to the XML that is automatically submitted to Google.
  3. Steff

    XF 1.5 Site map

    Hi guys just a quick question. On the seo test sites I've been using (like Nibbler) they all seem to return a message saying that I don't have a sitemap. Obviously I do, so my question is, is this an expected result please?
  4. M

    XF 1.5 sitemap.xml 404 errors

    I have quite a few requests coming in looking for - which of course is returning a 404 error. I've already setup google, bing, etc for "", so that's not the issue. This issue is I would like to setup Nginx to redirect sitemap.xml ->...
  5. kontrabass

    Fixed Switched path to data dir, but XMG sitemap URL's remain old

    I switched the path to my XF data directory (swapped CDN domain names). On the site itself the media gallery thumbnails etc are all fine, using the new URL. But my xml sitemap, despite the change happening over a year ago, still has old media gallery URL's in it using the old cdn domain. So...
  6. Mr Lucky

    Lack of interest Option for sitemap to obey robots.txt

    I think it would be a good idea if there was an option to make the sitemap follow robots.txt rules. It would mean the sitemap more accurately follows what you actually want indexed. See this post here: by @cmeinck...
  7. Zimply

    XF 1.5 XML Sitemap generator - including non-guest pages

    Lately I found hundreds of link in the Google Webmaster Tools report showing pages which are blocked for unregistered users but included in the sitemap. I am not technical enough to know if its a sitemap generation issue OR I need some other steps to block these URLs from robots.txt. The links...
  8. radenmas

    XF 1.5 Extra Sitemap URLs. any example?

    so, XenForo have box for "Extra Sitemap URLs". but what is the proper url? any example? my xenforo is on i have that redirects to can i add to the extra url? or i must use...
  9. dvsDave

    XF 1.5 internal_data/sitemaps was over 650 files

    So, I got a disk space warning on my server and started looking into what folders were the biggest offenders. To my surprise, the sitemaps folder was HUGE (like 22 gigs) There were a bunch of .gz files that were old, so I deleted those. I then wiped out the whole folder and went to...
  10. Stuart Wright

    XF 1.5 Are tags included in the sitemap? If not, should they be?

    Because a Google search for a reasonably unique tag on AVForums brings no results.
  11. OguzhanM

    XF 1.5 About sitemap.php

    Hi Guys! i have question about sitemap. When i clicked sitemap.php, he automatically downloaded on a computer. sitemap dont show in my browser. When i Fetch as Google. it s normal? how can i build my sitemap like that
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