1. ^[GS]^

    Unmaintained Scroll Progress 1.0.1

    Show a scroll progress bar. Also you can click on the bar to jump inside the page. The color automatically adapts to the theme. DEMO Screenshots:
  2. 021

    [021] Unlimited scroll 1.0.4

    .features: Infinite scroll in the list of threads Infinite scroll in resource manager Adding a history entry when scrolling Ability to connect endless scroll anywhere GIFs uploaded here are not played, so here is the link:
  3. BassMan

    [cXF] Thread scroll enhancement 1.0.7

    Add some features when scrolling a thread like sticky thread title in navigation or below it (useful if scrolling long threads) or maybe add some scroll progress bar in various positions. Check below for more information. FEATURES add thread title in navigation or below it when scrolling a...
  4. llorephie

    Fixed Lightbox vertical scrolling

    Hi again, another bug with lightbox and first attachment. Demo here: Video here: Reproduce tip: click on images in first and then in second post. Something about. OS: Linux Browser: Chromium, Firefox (all latest) Screen...
  5. llorephie

    Fixed Lightbox horisontal scrolling

    Hi, there is small bug with Lightbox - if opened on second+ image on page - page can be horisontally scrolled. Demo here: Reproduce tip: click on images in second post. Used browsers: Firefox 48, Chromium 50 on Linux with 1366x768...
  6. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Clicking a search result takes me to bottom of page?

    So can I modify this behavior so the thread opens at the top of the first page. For example, I did a search to find the discussion list preview. Search query entered: preview list Browsing the page, I find this: Perfect, so I click the link and the page opens here, showing the last post...
  7. creativeforge

    XF 1.4 Choppy scrolling (noticed on Safari, Mac Yosemite)

    (Please move to appropriate forum if not the right one? Thanks!) Hi all, Some members have been complaining about choppy scrolling today, pointing to the background image as the culprit. Evidently not the case, being only 60kb, but I changed it for an image weighing about 320 bytes. The...
  8. P

    Duplicate Infinite Scroll

    Should have a Infinite scroll option instead of pagination below for media. We should have something like Auto infinite scroll and manual one something like "Load More Pics"
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