XF 1.5 Clicking a search result takes me to bottom of page?


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So can I modify this behavior so the thread opens at the top of the first page. For example, I did a search to find the discussion list preview.

Search query entered: preview list

Browsing the page, I find this:


Perfect, so I click the link and the page opens here, showing the last post.


So I have to scroll back up to be able to read the other entries. Is this something we can correct? Strangely, other posts open at the top of the first post. I'd like for it to open right above the thread title.


The search you used is searching everything and brought up that post as it matched the word 'preview' in it. It opens at that (last) post because the link you clicked on is for a post.

If you use the full search and search Threads and Posts only with the same term and tick the option "Display results as threads", it'll list the same post but when you click on the link it'll take you to the first post in the thread.
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