XF 1.5 Creating new thread takes me to the bottom of the screen


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For some reason when I go to create a new thread, it loads the page like the image so I have to scroll up to type my message.

Any idea what might be causing this?


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It's likely going to be a customisation you have made - either the style, or an add-on.

Reverting to a default style will help with troubleshooting.


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Very strange. Logged into Chrome with another account and no issue. Logged in with my account and no issue.

Only seems to be happening in firefox. Cleared the cache but still no joy.

@Brogan Any idea why it would work fine in chrome, IE, Mobile but only this issue on Firefox?

Frustrating as I use FF as my main browser.
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Effectively impossible to say. Can you reproduce it here? If not, it sounds like a specific customization for your site, so you may need to disable add-ons and build them back up and/or work from a base style and build it back up to determine what causes it.


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A member on our forum reported this behavior as well. It isn't happening to me using Chrome on iOS. I'll ask him for more details to see if there's any common ground for this to occur.