1. Dadparvar

    RM 1.2 How to sale uploaded files

    Hi, When I tick the radio button to upload file and upload my file, I can't write the price. How it is possible to sale uploaded resources? Regards, Hamed
  2. Mr Lucky

    RM 1.2 Link resource to discussion

    If I have a resource with no discussion (created in a category not linked to a forum) and I move it to a new category, is there way to create a discussion thread for it once moved? Thanks
  3. KevinMK

    Moderator queue email notification

    I'd love to have an email notification when something is put in the moderation queue. Does that exist already?
  4. Adam K M

    Style Facebook messenger-esque post layout

    I'm currently working on a style which has a feature that allows posts by the current visitor to have the post information moved to the right - and I decided that maybe this feature will look better if the post information is also coloured similarly to already existing messaging applications...