RM 1.2 Edit Resource Download?


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Is there any way to edit (re-upload) the Resource file without having to create a new version update? I created a new resource and had an edit, but want to keep it as the original resource because I haven't made it public yet.

This would be extremely helpful if possible. Crossing my fingers! :)
You mean without an update post being automatically posted?
I just mean edit the first original Resource post with no new update being posted using "Post Resource Update" button. I'm basically staging a new Resource release and have made changes to my file so I would like to upload a new version without having to delete and add the entire resource from scratch.
There's no way. You'll just need to post an update. It only takes a few minutes to re-create a resource, but if you'd rather not, move the resource thread into a forum only visible to staff.
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