1. xana

    Promotion for the purchase of several extensions

    Hello, made you promotions on the purchase of several extension because for 2 forums I fall to $ 140.:eek: Or for the purchase of several identical extension. thank you in advance
  2. teletubbi

    XF 1.5 Question about user promotion

    We are a closed Forum. I have set up the promotion system to put users, who don't write any post since 3 month, into a secondary user group called inactive. For this group the permission is limited. For example they can't see pictures. It is to force the users to participate more. This...
  3. jauburn

    XF 1.5 User group promotion not working

    I created a user group promotion rule that promotes all registered members into a group that I created. Here are the parameters I've set up: Seems simple enough, but here's the problem: Not all registered members end up with the newly created user group checked in the Secondary User Groups...
  4. Stuart Wright

    XF 1.4 Usergroup promotions problem - maybe trophy count issue?

    Hello, we have usergroup promotions which are determined by a few factors, but in this particular issue, we have a member who has 136 trophy points MrSossidge has posted 2,799 messages...
  5. X

    Unmaintained Xen Product Manager Criteria 1.0.1a

    This is a simple add-on that adds criteria for the Xen Product Manager add-on by @Chris D. The available criteria are available to view in the screenshot. This add-on also adds a user product count rebuilder so that counts are fully accurate - this is available in the Rebuild Caches section...
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