1. Brent W

    100% Ground Up CentminMod Server Setup & Optimization Saving You Money On Hosting

    Hello everyone, For over 3 years now I have been working with to setup all of our servers that we have used on Through that time I have found the best things that works for us when it comes to XenForo through constant testing. What has...
  2. megabosx

    Unmaintained XenForo Docker

    These instructions explain how to run XenForo in docker containers this can be used for local testing or production with additional configuration. On Your Computer (Localhost): Install Docker and Docker Compose Copy the following contents into a...
  3. Iresh

    Is this enough to run xenforo

    Going to buy 20GB Disk Space 512mb memory 1 core cpu CentOS 7 w/cPanel from A2 hosting, is this enough to run a forum like 20k+ members? or suggest me a good host?
  4. D

    Audentio and ThemeHouse: Community strategists, designers, and developers

  5. drastic

    Anyone have contact for VelocityIO hosting?

    VELOCITYIO is down and if anyone has a contact for them besides the support email,please share it or send them a tip. Thanks
  6. R30

    First-Time Hosting

    I'm sure this is a common question, but it's obviously a big decision so I must ask for myself. I'm purchasing XenForo in the next couple of days. I'm in search of a shared host to start. My question to all of you: Which host would you choose if you were a beginner with little web/dev...
  7. AppleAndMango

    Hosting your own mail?

    Does anyone here host your own email? If so what are your pro's and cons of doing so? I've had an email server setup for awhile, never really thought about migrating from my outlook account to my own private email server till now.
  8. U

    What Host Should I Use!?

    Hey peeps, as you could probably tell by the title I'm new to XenForo and I'm in need for I host. Due to my lack of experience and ignorance towards this subject, I need something that's pretty easy to use but will also pack a punch. In addition, I need a host that's inexpensive. (Note: Since...
  9. G

    Looking for host recommendations under $25 a month

    I'm really close to jumping on a deal Tim @ Nimbus Hosting gave me ($22.50 for Whirlwind), but I'm hesitant because I feel I haven't explored too many other options.
  10. AppleAndMango

    Nimbus Hosting vs DigitalOcean

    I've been with Nimbus hosting for awhile now roughly a year ish? I have nothing bad to say about them they're quite possibly the best host I've ever used before anyway I came across DigitalOcean a few days ago and their VPS costs a much cheaper than what I'm currently paying. I know Nimbus...
  11. gavpeds

    Good vps managed hosts?

    Hi all so for several years now i have been using servint. But i am starting to wonder if i should be looking else where. It seems uk hosts have improved a lot and being that the majority of my traffic is uk based i am wanting to start looking at other possible options. What i currently have is...
  12. Carlo

    What is the minimum requirement to run XenForo?

    As above, I'm speaking of storage space, bandwidth, number of MySQL connections - not software requirements. These are usually specified by hosting companies on their packages. Unlimited options are tempting but based from my research, its seems these are not really true. The reason I'm asking...
  13. MattW - Server Configuration / Hosting / Support

    I've not really put anything on here to advertise myself before, as people have just been contacting me to request work be done. Here is what I'm available to do. Server Management Services Server Configuration (CentOS / Cpanel) Apache setup Nginxcp setup Switch MySQL to Percona / MariaDB...
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