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[XFA] Votings System 1.5.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
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Votings System allow you and your user to submit ideas, questions, suggestions, etc... to others votes !

Votings are fully configurable, from the vote for/vote against to the time period during which votes are allowed through number of votes or time between votes.
They are sorted in categories and for each votes tendency of the latest X votes is displayed (up/down/square) as well as an overall "heat" of the votes.

Each votings category can be set to always moderate votings which can then be validated either directly through the list or in the default xF moderation queue.

Votings System also comes with a set of additional pages:

  • Most active authors
  • User's votings
  • Statistics
  • Votings day-to-day archives
  • Watched categories
Users can get notified when a new voting is submitted in a category by watching it.


  • Permissions - Selectively tweak what your users can do: View / View who voted / Add / Edit self / Edit anyone / Delete self / Delete anyone / Bypass moderation / Validate / View moderated
  • Categories - Unlimited non-nested categories created from admincp with a name, a display order and choice of moderating all votings submitted to the category.
  • Links - Created from admincp, kind of allowed reference that can be pointed by a voting.
  • Easy voting Creation/Edition - Fully configurable votings
    • Category
    • Voting text either on a single line or multiline
    • Icon and Tooltip text for the vote for
    • Icon and Tooltip text for the vote against
    • Reference link
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Choice to require voters to input a reason
    • Choice to allow guests to vote
    • Number of votes per user
    • Time between same user votes
  • Tabbed categories display - The different voting categories are displayed through a set of tabs.
  • Votings list with sorting - Easily find lists by ordering them based on end date, start date, most votes or highest rating.
  • Graphical look'n'feel - Thanks to a smart display, votings status can be easily understood, and that through both:
    • an overall vote heat corresponding to a ratio of the votes for/votes against. That ratio can be smoothed at the beginning to avoid direct jump to the right or left upon first votes.
    • a tendency of the latest X votes based, X being configurable through an option.
  • The list of users that voted for a voting can be shown for the ones not allowed to guests by a simple click on the vote heat.
  • Direct vote - User can vote by simple clicks in the votings list.
  • Moderated votings - Category based feature, moderated votings can be validated either directly from an icon in the votings list or through the default xF moderation queue.
  • Most active authors page - List of the most active authors with number of votings linking to the author's votings list.
  • My votings page - Easy way for the user to directly find his/her votings.
  • Statistics page - Highlight most voted votings and highest rated votings.
  • Archives page - Let user view for each day, the votings that received votes with details of the number of votes for/against. Day are easily selected through a date picker.
  • Category watch - Through category watching, user can be alerted as soon as a new voting is posted in that category.
  • Votings in User profile - New tab in user profile showing the list of user's votings.
  • Votings in Posts - Thanks to a custom BBCode [voting], votings can be embedded inside the posts.
  • Fully responsive (smart way)
  • Totally configurable - Thanks to a set of options:
    • Number of votes under which heat shall be smoothed to avoid direct jump to right or left upon first votes
    • Votings displayed per page
    • Number of votes taken into account for tendency computing
    • Number of most voted votings in the statistics
    • Number of highest rated votings in the statistics
    • Fields that user can change when creating a voting [NEW 1.5.0]
    • Default value for allow guests to vote checkbox
    • Default value for require reason checkbox [NEW 1.5.0]
    • Default value for time between votes
    • Default value for votes per user
    • Voting text field configuration (single line or multiline) [NEW 1.5.0]
    • Hide empty categories from list
    • Display icons in front of links in navbar links
Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
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  2. Maintenance release

    Corrected bugs: Tendency incorrectly computed when negative voting (shown as positive)
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Latest reviews

Great react from dev!
Found a bug and they fix it !
Great plugins for voting system! And i look a lot for a plugins like this !
Really good plugins! Do exactly what i want, but ... have some bug.
You can't easy check which voting is ok or not, progress bar only go to the right and never go to the left, a voting with -22 vote look like a voting with +30 vote ... :/ That break the game !
Will be fixed in 1.4.3, your review can be updated ;)
Four star review from me. Nice addon, but loses a point because, damn, the front-end look is so ugly! A simplified field set would also be better, I think or at least the option to switch off a number of them - like the start/end dates (I'd prefer that to be switched off), the million icons to choice from (they just add clutter). I'd also like to see the ability to set via admin a specific set of answers - to restrict to Yes/No for example. I also think the phrasing could do with a little work. But, with all that said, a good addon that fits the purpose. Well done guys.
Hi Lisa, thanks for your review, suggestions is what helps us doing our product better ! Don't hesitate to post all these suggestions in our forum (there is dedicated area) to see them implemented.
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