[XFA] Document/Manual/Tutorial/Article Writer

[XFA] Document/Manual/Tutorial/Article Writer 2.8.3

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Corrected bugs:
  • Incorrect data-vocabulary type used for review aggregate in document view

New feature:
  • Post in attached discussion thread upon section creation and removal
Missing dompdf third party script in the package.
Corrected bugs:
  • In template modification for template 'member_view' link 'documents/users' is incorrect
  • Link "Warn" on review page is not displayed
  • Incorrect path for local FA file
  • Limit "Max. Attachments per Document Section" is not applied
  • Phrase xfa_dm_requested_user_has_no_documents missing
  • Generated PDF file size is huge
  • Most Active Writers sidebar block displayed while set to 0
  • None displayed as title in search result for section without title
Corrected bugs:
  • xfa_dm_search_only_in_document phrase missing

New features:
  • Create PDF directly from an editor and have them added to the document as attachments
  • Like
Reactions: Digital Doctor
Corrected bugs:
  • Empty feed when updating a document which is linked to a discussion thread
  • 4th level section could be selected as parent, leading to invisible category
  • Error: Call to undefined method XFA_TagsGenerator_Extends_XFA_DocMngr_Model_Document::canContribute()

New features:

  • Defaut documents ordering in lists configurable through option
  • Sections title/content style properties allowing easy tuning of the layout (indenting, etc...)
  • Download document as PDF capability (permission based). Note: attachment images are not included due to permissions issue, external images work.
  • Edit history log for sections content with revert and versions compare capability
  • Sticky documents
  • Tree view alternative for table of contents (configurable through style properties)

Warning: read the FAQ prior to authorized PDF download, you must perform some additional install actions.
New features:
  • Option to choose location of the review stars in document view, either header (current) or sidebar (new)
  • Capability for unregistered users to review documents (ip-based)
Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: Undefined index: page - library/XFA/DocMngr/ReportHandler/Section.php:119
  • Document Manager sidebar block "Top documents" can't be disabled, setting 0 always get replaced by 1
  • Images inserted into content of documents without section are not displayed, view attachment link is displayed instead


  • Prefix added to <title>

New features:

  • Capability to reassign document to another user
  • Capability to add contributors to document to let them edit the document and its sections as well as add/delete sections.
  • New permissions :
    • Reassign documents by self
    • Reassign documents by anyone
  • Watch User link shown in profile to non logged-in users
  • Default font size of text in documents is smaller than everywhere else (eg. compared to posts)
  • Phrase missing in section search results
  • Avatar not displayed in sections results
  • Whether misspelled in multiple locations
Corrected bugs:
  • Error: Call to undefined method XFA_DocMngr_Model_DocumentWatch::setWatchStateForAll() - library/XFA/DocMngr/Extends/ControllerPublic/Watched.php:23
  • BBCode cache not working properly
  • When there are a lot of sections, table of content can scroll out of main container
Corrected bug:
  • Incompatibility with ThreadRating leading to error: ErrorException: Fatal Error: Call to undefined method
    XFA_DocMngr_Model_Rating::getRatingByThreadAndUserId() -