XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration

XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration

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Perfect add-on to our roleplaying forum. Keeps the members up to date with everything they need to know, without having to check the forum every few minutes. Works as intended, right out of the box!
What this is: A way for a bot to let your discord server know a post has been made. What this is not: A way to integrate discord into your forums as a chat feature. If you were looking for a way to make discord a chat box like I was, this ain't it.
I ran into issues trying to get this to work on 2.2.13 and my ThemeHouse skin. I'm not sure if it was a server/host issue or whether Discord has changed. The author tried to assist best he could remotely however wasn't something that could be resolved remotely. We essentially now only use it to "Post as bot" to the discord server and have linked to the server via other methods.
Its allways a good Work from Jaxel. The Addon works greate, the support its fast and great, Thumbs up!
Quality add-on, works great. Make sure you check the video for how to set things up, but this is fairly easy to set get going without it if you'e familiar with website stuff.
It works if you follow the instructions and not make silly mistakes that are easy to avoid. Watch the YouTube video on the FAQ page.
Zero support. It's clear this author does not care. I'd suggest looking elsewhere for a Discord integration for your website.
Jaxel doesn't care providing support for you. Even simple questions are unanswered. He just wants your money and doesn't care about providing support.
Despite the lack of support from Jaxel, after figuring out how to set this up, it works flawlessly. Everything is as advertised. Happy with the results.
Should have read reviews first. Roles are not syncing, navbar item does not display. I wish there was a refund option because this is horribly disappointing.
It's a great way to integrate Discord with my forum. With nickname sync, there is less confusion and my members can find each other easily.
No support. Users don't sync. Video is outdated and so things will not work unless you do more than the video explains.
Works great, however, your video needs to be updated because Discord changed the location of some of the settings. Also, I wish you would add the ability to designate which forums would be affected and sent to Discord. Nonetheless, this is a great add-on and deserves a 5-star rating. :)
You can designate specific forums in your node settings.
Amazing app if you have a discord channel associated with your site. Well supported, clean, and easy to use. Strongly recommended.
While I had previously rated this addon with 5 stars, that was because I was able to set things up relatively easily and without issues (or so I thought). The problem I eventually encountered is that some accounts (not all) do not sync as expected.

And herein lies the biggest problem with this addon; the complete and utter lack of any real support. @jaxel's response to just about any question in the discussion thread is "read the FAQ". We've all read this FAQ, and when we still have issues, the answer again is "read the FAQ" over and over again.

So it's pretty clear this developer is not interested in putting forth the effort to help anyone that has issues with this addon; not only is this lazy, it's disrespectful to users to just copy/paste the same response to every support question, and users should take this into account before purchasing this or any other addon by this developer.

Just take a look at the responses to my posts in the discussion thread and you'll see the (lack of) support you can expect. I will be exploring @NixFifty's addon in the meantime that achieves the same purpose as this addon.
A must addon for any gaming community. Had a minor issue which was fixed after some help with Jaxel (generated new token helped) loving the interaction between the forum and discord. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Awesome addon and crucial to my gaming community. It took me a bit to get this working for my large discord server, and unfortunately the seller wasn't much help. But I figured it out and it's been very useful.
Thanks for providing excellent customer service. Had issues jaxal listened and worked with me right away. Top notch service! This really has improved our discord a ton!
I'm a bit tech illiterate - Jaxel was quick to help me and get me going. We have this add-on running and it's running very smoothly. I'm not surprised!

If you want Discord integration, I HIGHLY recommend this add-on.
Update: The add-on now works properly but the author, Jaxel, took over a month to respond to my posts in the support thread, resulting in major downtime for this add-on on my forum.
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