XenFacil's Quote - Quote with avatar and more

Unmaintained XenFacil's Quote - Quote with avatar and more 9.0a

No permission to download
Control panel is in spanish. This version fix this and control panel in now in english.

Thanks to @Apt Irrelevance for send it here.

No needed upload files. Only need edit the XenFacil_Quote.js template.
Into the first line, you see:
Rich (BB code):
<xen:require js="/js/XenFacil/xf_quote.js" />
Change it for
<xen:require js="js/XenFacil/xf_quote.js" />
Or update the add-on by upload the addon-XenFacil_quote.9a.xml file into ACP->Home->and clicking the name of this add-on; select the addon-XenFacil_quote.9a.xml file and click upload.

Fix a bug where where it is cited without mentioning anyone, not headed and the option to expand the quote was lost

When you highlight a text to quote the pop up button appears, if you click on the 'Reply' part it quotes the whole post instead of the highlighted text.
Solved this bug.

Js directory are bad package
  1. Add:
    1. Expand of XenFacil: button shown on the right and which displays the content of each quote, and you can set the height to show at start (style properties).
    2. Replaceable x_said phrase: supports user TextToAdd and TextToAdd user. If user is female takes action this add-on.
    3. Ability to enable / disable by Style.
    4. Style properties for personalitation.
  2. Fix:
    1. Fix errors with down arrow, margins, etc.
Demo, in http://XenFacil.com

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Only upload files and overwritting all files
Only upload files and overwritting all files if you have installed the previous version.
For update, only upload files and overwritting all files. Not needed install the xml file.

Added XenForo 1.2.x compatibility.
  1. Quote height limited XenForo 1.2 style.
Fix "Undefined variable: usuario" bug (i hope; I have not post permissions for guest in my forum).
Mini-Avatar on quotes

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