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XenFacil's Quote - Quote with avatar and more 9.0a

Quotes with avatar, depth nested quotes and attachments images

  1. lms
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.1
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Only XenForo Users
    Visible Branding:
    This add-on is based on this template modification. Thanks to all. Thanks to CyberAP and Brogan.

    This add-on prevents template modifications.
    Overwrite XenForo's quote.
    Work with gravatars.
    Added Nesting quotes (optional)
    Have six options (ACP -> Home -> Options -> XenFacil's Quote):
    1. Add-on active/deactive
    2. Use template bb_code_tag_quote (of XenForo) or XenFacil_Quote (of add-on).
    3. Arrow style left, down or none.
    4. Mini-avatar on header quoted.
    5. x_said phrase replacement (or not) by female gender purpose.
    6. XenFacil Expand (with button) or XenForo 1.2 Expand.
    7. Active o deactive nesting quotes.
    8. Show quoted attached images as images instead of "See attachment xxx" link.
    1. Avatar
      1. It can quote with avatar
      2. The avatar can be down or left with an arrow pointing to it.
      3. Avatar can go on header tag quote.
      4. It can quote without avatar, with arrow left or below pointing.
      5. It's possible quote by XenForo default
      6. Support gravatar
    2. Nested quotes
      1. It can activate / deactivate on ACP -> Options -> XenFacil's Quote
      2. It cans set the nested depth, from no to an unlimited nesting. Its purpose is to prevent the nesting overflow that makes unreadable quotes.
    3. Attachments Images
      1. It can activate / deactivate to see attachments images instead of "See attachment xxx" link.
    4. Expand
      1. Start height configurable (style properties).
      2. Expand/collapse by button.
      3. Box quote configurable into Style Properties
    Demo on http://demo.xenfacil.com/threads/quote-de-xenfacil.1/


    16.png 17.png 15.png 14.png 3.png 6.png

    1. Unzip tha file XFQv2.2.zip on your PC.
    2. Upload content of upload folder to your root XenForo installation.
    3. ACP -> Home -> Add-ons -> List of add-ons -> + Install New Add-on -> Select file on you PC -> Select addon-XenFacil_quote.xml file on your PC -> Install.
    4. Enjoy.
    5. Chris Demings install and upgrade add-on compatible.
    1. Unzip tha file .zip on your PC.
    2. Upload content of upload folder to your root XenForo installation.
    3. ACP -> Home -> click on Xenfacil's Quote of add-ons list.
    4. Select file on you PC -> Select addon-XenFacil_quote.xml file on your PC-> Update.
    5. Enjoy
    Donations page: Donations

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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

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    Version: 7.0
    Thank you!!!!
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    Version: 6.0.0d
    Very cool stuff!
    Quote in a quote in a quote in ...
    Thank you in thank you in... :)
  3. Xyphien
    Version: 4.0.5
    Works perfectly.
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    Daniel 'RTRD'
    Version: 4.0.5
    Awesome! :)
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    Version: 4.0.5
    Excelente publicación, gracias por el esfuerzo.
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    Version: 4.0.5
    Very nice and well thought out. Great add to my forum.
  7. Adam Howard
    Adam Howard
    Version: 4.0.5
    Another fine product that should be included in the XenForo core. Very useful for busy threads and new members, who do not recall names, but do recall people's "faces" (avatars).